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York City Levy are a re-enactment group portraying common men and women from the City of York from the second half of the C15th. We're a friendly and fun group of both individuals and families and pride ourselves on our relaxed and inclusive approach where everyone gets a chance to get equally involved in just about any activity. Based in the North East of England, we organise between three and six per year.

Whilst we sometimes do a little bit of military re-enactment, our main focus is civilian living history and our usual range of activities includes crafts, games, cookery, music, dance and mummers' plays. We pride ourselves on our interpretation skills and our ability to interact in a fun and sensible way with visitors of all ages.

We have an active core of some 15 people, including half a dozen or so kids of all ages. Most of us live in Yorkshire and the North East, where we do most of our events, but we sometimes do venture out to interesting historic sites in other parts of the country. We are also part of Livery and Maintenance and attend some of their events too.

We are currently looking for new members. It doesn't really matter whether you are an experienced re-enactor or are new to the hobby. All that's needed is an interest in medieval history and a bit of a can-do attitude. Loan clothing and equipment is available, as is plenty of friendly help and advice with getting started and becoming involved with the Levy.

If you want to book us for your event, we are always happy to discuss your ideas and see how we can help you deliver a first-class visitor experience.